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Special Announcements2008

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Special Announcements


Watch this space for special chess events in the Ottawa area


Eastern Ontario Open is scheduled for May 30th & June 1st 2008!


LOCATION: RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, Ontario 



Round 1: Friday May 30th @ 7pm

Round 2: Saturday May 31st @ 1pm

Round 3: Saturday May 31st @ 6pm

Round 4: Sunday June 1st @ 9am

Round 5: Sunday June 1st @ 2pm


REQUESTED BYES: up to 2 half-point byes within the first 3 rounds

  • such byes must be requested before previous round

  • byes for Round 1 must be requested when registering

  • all other requested byes will be counted as zero-point



lodging with breakfast, at nearby Carleton University:




90 minutes + 30 seconds increment per move

(if no digital clock, then analog equivalent is 2 hours)


SECTIONS: by CFC Regular rating (based on expected registrations)

Section A: >= 2000 first place >= $500

Section B: 1999 to 1600 first place >= $300

Section C: 1599 to UNR first place >= $200



Organizer/TD: Aris Marghetis arismarghetis@rogers.com

email: registration completed when payment received

(unpaid registrations not paired, no onsite email)


mail: cheque to NNOCC, Box-11021, Station-H, Ottawa, K2H-7T8

(please include email address for registration confirmation)


RA club: Thursday evenings after 7pm, cash to Aris Marghetis

onsite: at least 1 hour before next round, cash to Aris Marghetis


ENTRY FEES: free entry for IMs & GMs (contact Organizer/TD re local transportation)

  • the minimum entry fee is $25 for Amateur (ineligible for cash prizes)

  • add $25 to be eligible for cash prizes (deduct $5 if RA club member)

  • add $10 to play higher section than rating (>=1400 & >=14 years old)


OTHER INFO: paper boards provided: please bring sets & clocks (some for rent)


Ottawa Chess-in-the Street 2008!


Chess-in-the-Street is an outdoor chess event that takes the game of chess from the parlour to the street. Chess-in-the-Street will have numerous activities appealing to everyone: from kids to adults and from those who have never played before to the seasoned tournament player. With each game you play, your name will be entered in a draw for prizes. Chess-in-the-Street will also have GIANTCHESS!, a giant-sized chess board on the street. There will be a Simultaneous Chess Competition in the afternoon each day, featuring a Chessmaster who will battle 15 simultaneous chess opponents. June 14th, 15th, 2008, 10 am through 4 pm Richmond Road & Roosevelt Avenue.

Complete event details can be found here


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