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RA Winter Open

Date: January 20-21, 2007


Place: RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON


Rounds: 5


Type: Regular Swiss


Sections: One section with prizes by rating group


Times: 9/1:30/6, 9:30/2:00


Time Control: analog: Game/120 minutes digital: Game/90 minutes + 30 seconds/move


Entry Fee: $40.00 less $5.00 for RA Chess Club members $20.00 amateur option (not eligible for prizes and no discount for RA Chess Club members)


Prizes: $$BEN$$


Registration: From 8:00-8:30 on site, in person at the RA Chess Club (cash only) January 18 or make cheques payable to Grant Schaper and mail to 83 Dunbarton Court, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 4L5. Cheques must be received by January 11.


Organizer/Tournament Director: Grant Schaper

E-mail: ar400@ncf.ca (e-mail entries not accepted)


Miscellaneous: Byes are available for Rounds 1 to 3 if requested in advance and a maximum of one ½ point will be given for requested byes. Registration ends at 8:30 sharp and all on-site registrants are charged five dollars more. Players arriving after 8:30 may register late and receive a ½ point bye for Round 1. If registering on site, please present your valid Chess Federation of Canada membership card. Unrated players are not eligible for any prizes. Bring your chess clocks (sets provided). If both analog and digital clocks are available, digital is the default. Only chess clocks are to be used in the playing area. All other electronic devices (cellular telephones, pagers, etc.) must be turned off and put away. If your cellular telephone goes off or you are using it during your game, you lose. If you are using any other electronic device during your game, you lose. If your electronic device is visible during your game, you lose.

An EOCA Grand Prix event

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