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2006 Eastern Ontario Open


Download Information Handout (PDF)Carleton University Lodging Application(PDF Version) (MS-Word Version)
EOCA Website Announcement


Organizer/TD: Aris Marghetis

e-mail: arism@nortel.com


This is an EOCA Grand Prix event: http://www.eoca.org/tournaments_2005-06.htm


Please visit this website for even more information, including the Lodging Application (onsite lodging available at student prices, including all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast!)


Date: June 10th & 11th, 2006

Location: Carleton University, Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario



Rounds/Type: 5-round Swiss, rated CFC Regular

  • multiple sections (at least 2-3) based on player distribution
  • perfect pairings courtesy of the latest Swiss-Sys software


Round Times:

  • Saturday: 9am/2pm/7pm
  • Sunday: 9am/2pm


Byes: up to 2 half-point byes within the first 3 rounds

  • such byes must be requested before previous round
  • byes for Round 1 must be requested when registering
  • all other requested byes will be considered 0-point


Time Control: GAME/90mins + 30secs increment per move

(if no digital clock, then analog equivalent is GAME/120mins)


Entry Fee: the standard entry fee is $50

  • there is also an Amateur option for $25 (ineligible for prizes)
  • if CFC membership expired, you can renew at the same time


Prize Fund: based on entries, and player distribution

  • UNRated players not eligible for all prizes
  • and door prizes before almost every round!



  • mail: cheque to "NNOCC", Box-11021, Station-H, Ottawa, K2H-7T8

(include email address or phone number, for registration confirmation)

  • RACC: cash to Aris Marghetis, Thursdays to June 8th, 7pm-1130pm
  • onsite: cash + $25 late fee, and at least 1 hour before the next round

More Information:

  • paper boards provided, please bring sets and clocks
  • digital clocks preferred, with some available for rent
  • U14 players must have contact number(s) with them
  • note strict enforcement of FIDE/CFC law 12.2-b: if your electronic device rings, you lose
  • there will be a CFC kiosk of chess stuff for sale
  • and of course: no computers, no smoking, etc.

date of this issue: 5 May 2006

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