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What is Chess-in-the-Street?


An outdoor chess event to be held as part of Ottawa's biggest street festival WESTFEST, on Saturday and Sunday, June 10th and 11th, 2006.


The official announcement publicizing this event can be found on the WESTFEST site ( http://www.westfest.ca ) is as follows:


"Chess-in-the-Street is an outdoor chess event that takes the game of chess from the parlour to the street. Chess-in-the-Street will have numerous activities appealing to everyone: from kids to adults and from those who have never played before to the seasoned tournament player. With each game you play, your name will be entered in a draw for prizes. Chess-in-the-Street will also have GIANTCHESS!, a giant-sized chess board on the street. There will be a Simultaneous Chess Competition in the afternoon each day, featuring a Chessmaster who will battle 15 simultaneous chess opponents. June 10th, 11th, 2006, 10 am through 4 pm Richmond Road & Roosevelt Avenue".


What‘s the point of Chess-in-the-Street?


Chess-in-the-Street an OUTREACH EVENT, not a tournament. The theory goes, that there are tons of people who are aware of chess, but are not aware of what chess can offer to them. The success of this event only depends only upon the people having fun with chess in a novel and festive setting.


To appeal to kids, a big part of WESTFEST, Chess-in-the-Street is situated within the WESTFESTKIDSZONE. This will encourage kids, their parents and any brave adults to play with one another. Frankly, if just one kid gets turned on to chess because of this event, the event's a success.


How does Chess-in-the-Street jive with the EOCA Open?


The EOCA Open is being held on the same weekend in Ottawa at Carleton University. Chess-in-the Street is being held as part of WESTFEST, Ottawa's biggest street festival, in the heart of Westboro Village, Ottawa's trendiest district and a stone's throw from Carleton U. While the EOCA event is intended for competitive players, Chess-in-the-Street is strictly for fun. The organizers of these two events believe they are complementary and hope that these two chess events will encourage competitors and their families to make the trek to Ottawa.


What’s the format of Chess-in-the-Street?


Overall format:

  • Casual pick-up chess in a street setting starting at 10am.
  • To attract participation, each game played will be entered into a draw for prizes at the end of the day.
  • There will be regular sets available for play, and a giant chess set. Clocks will also be available for those wishing to use them.
  • A simul is scheduled to wrap-up each day – approx 3:30pm – 5:00pm.


Site Plan & Logistics

  • 10’x10’ tent
  • 4 x 6’ tables accommodating eight (12) games for a total of sixteen(24) people.
  • Tables will be re-organized to accommodate a simultaneous event (1 against 15 opponents)
  • A giant chess set on the street (courtesy CMA)
  • Promotional literature.


Sponsors and Supporters


Thanks to the following sponsors for helping to make this event a reality!




  • We need volunteers to make this event a success. Our requirements are below.
  • A minimum of one person (preferably two) at all times to monitor games, accept entries for draw; must be knowledgeable of chess.
  • Knowledgeable chess volunteers to help during the day- mostly to hang out and encourage people to play. We're looking for minimum commitment of a two-hour block.
  • For the simuls, highly-rated chess players (volunteers already found!!!)
  • Check Volunteer Schedule


If you wish to volunteer, please contact the organizer





TIM BOUMA (613) 725-1645




Who is that old guy in the picture?

You should know that already. We're trying to get Stephen Harper to come too. George Bush has declined, citing that he can't renew his passport in time for the event.

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