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Recent Events

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Recent RA Chess Club Competitions


RACC Players at 2012 World Championships

Bill Doubleday plays in the World Senior Championship (Nov.12-25, Greece). For more, see Chess-Results or the World Senior Homepage

Qiyu Zhou finished in a big tie for 12th at the 2012 WYCC (Nov.7-19, Slovenia). For more, see her Chess-Results page, or the WYCC Homepage.  



2013 Super Active (April 25) winner: Bob Gelblum

2013 Spring Thaw 2xRR (Mar-Apr)

2013 Spring Active (Feb-Mar) CFC

2013 Theme: Blackmar-Diemer (Feb.21) Black=56%; winner: John Upper.

2013 RA Club Championship (Jan-Feb) co-champs: David Gordon, IM Aman Hambleton (Table | photos)

2012 Winter Frost RRs (Nov.22 - Dec.20) cross-tables

2012 Active Championship (Nov.8-15) winner: FM Aman Hambleton CFC

2012 Blitz Championship (Nov.1) winner: Joey Qin  2nd: Qiyu Zhou

2012 Ron Rodgers Memorial cross-table | CFC | photos

2012 Intro Active  CFC



RACC Players at the

2012 Canadian Championship (Aug 4-11)

Three RACC players are in the 2012 Canadian Closed Championship in Montreal. You can see their results at Chess-Results.com


2012 Summer Pick Up #3 Results

2012 Summer Pick Up #2 CFC

2012 RACC-Nigel Short Olympic Waive Active CFC

2012 Summer Pick Up #1 (May-June) CFC

2012 Spring Thaw 2xRR (Mar/-April 2012)  A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | Swiss

2012 Winter Active (March 2012)  CFC

2012 RA Club Championship (Jan. - Mar. 2012) winner: Joey Qin  CFC

2011 Winter Frost RRs (Dec. 2011-Jan, 2012) Results

2011 Active Championship (Nov. 17, 24)  winner: Joey Qin  CFC

2011 Blitz Championship (Nov.10) winner: Joey Qin (10/12); =2nd Stijn de Kerpel, John Upper (9.5/12); 4th Halldor Palsson (9/12)  

2011 Ron Rodgers Memorial (Sept.22 - Nov.3) Open | U1600

2911 Introductory Active (Sept.1-8) CFC



RACC Players at the

2011 World Championships

In November 2011, three RACC members played in World Championship events:

Bill Doubleday : World Senior Ch. in Croatia (+3 =5 -3)

Agastya Kalra: WYCC U14 in Brazil (+4 =1 -4)

Qiyu Zhou: WYCC U12g in Brazil (+5 =2 -2)

  Click on players name to see their results.



Summer Pickup #3 (Rds1-4) Results | CFC

Summer Pickup #2 (July 7-July 28) Results

Summer Pickup #1 (May 19-June 16) Results

AGM Champions' Simul (May 5) game

Spring Active (Apr. 21, 28)  Results

2011 RA Club Championship (Jan.13-Mar.3) (co-winners: Joey Qin, Saeid Sadeghi) Results | CFC


NOTE: the recent CFC website "upgrade" broke the links to "Results" below. I'll wait 'til the CFC site is finalized (?) before making changes below. - JKU


Spring Thaw RR (Mar.10-Apr.14)  A | B | C | D | E | F | G | Swiss

Match @ Gatineau CC (Feb 8) RACC won: +4=2-0

2011 Winter Frost RR Groups:   A | B | C | D | E | F | Swiss

2010 Active Championship (Nov. 11, 25) winner: Halldor Palsson Results 

2010 Blitz Championship (Nov. 4) (winner: Halldor Palsson)

Ron Rodgers Memorial (Sept. 16- Oct.28) Open | U1600

Introductory Active (Sept. 2-9) Results




RA Summer Pickup #3  (August) Results

RA Summer Pickup #2  (July)  Results

RA vs Gatineau Match (July 4) Results  Games with Notes

Olympic Waive Rapid Tournament (June 20)  InfoResults

Chess in the Street (June 11-13Homepage, Photos

Eastern Ontario Open  (June 11-13, EOCA Event) Info; Results: Open, U2000, U1800, U1600

RA Pick-Up (May-June, '10) Results

RA Spring Frost RR (April-May, '10) Results: Section A | Section B | Section C | Section D | Section E | Section F | Section G | Section H

RA Spring Active Results

RA Spring Open (March,2010; EOCA Event) Results by Section: Open, U2000, U1800, U1600

RA Club Championship  Results (winner: Joey Qin)

Shirov Simul Games | PDF

RA Winter Open (Jan '10) Open, U2000, U1600

RA Blitz Championship (winner: Joey Qin)




RA Active Championship  Results  (winner: Halldor Palsson)

RF Rodgers Open  Results

RA Club Championship  Results (winner: David Gordon)



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