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Scheduled Events

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The Club meets Thursday evenings at 7:00pm, games start at 7:30pm

Please, visit http://www.ottawachess.com/club-schedule for more information.


Note: Thursday evenings are geared towards the more serious club player wishing to compete in rated tournaments,

so up-to-date CFC membership is required for all Thursday events except Simuls and Speed or Theme Tournaments.

            OPEN = non-RA Members may play; non-Members pay $4 fee for each playing session.*

              MBR = only RA Chess Club members.

*Tournament memberships can be bought for $10 by non-RA Club members.


Players also pay the CFC’s $3 rating fee for each rated tournament. CFC Membership ($48/year for Ontario residents, $30 for juniors) may be purchased from the CFC or from tournament directors.


Time Control: unless otherwise specified, Game in 90min + 30 sec/move.


Club members also meet most Sundays (1pm - 4:30pm) for blitz and other casual, non-rated games. Check the EOCA schedule to avoid showing up on a weekend when everyone else is playing in a tournament.







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